Forecast regarding future architecture
- what functions and designs will be required?

Ambitions and directions regarding architectural projects

Photo:Sky Office, Duesseldorf
Sky Office, Duesseldorf

Photo:Main Station, Stuttgart.
Main Station, Stuttgart.

Architecture is all about looking for the best solution. We always look for flexible answers which are most suitable for the project. There are many different decisive factors like the weather, the client, the culture, the budget - for which different solutions will be applied. Each project is a challenge as we try to get a better and deeper understanding of the people's needs and the context in which they live and work. Our engineers and consultants, who work together on a team, always strive to find the best solutions. Whether it is an office building, a station or any type of building, we want our work to have an impact on the life and the success of the user, the tenant, the company, the people, the city and, last but not all, on the regional and global environment.

Forms do not follow a simple functionality or any fashionable aphorism, they follow evolution. The best and most beautiful, elegant and sophisticated solutions in nature are created by evolution, they are the temporary best answer to a given problem. But, in order to incorporate evolutionary processes into any "green" building design, you need to know all about the systems. Unfortunately, you do not have as much time as nature does. The more difficult a project gets, the more necessary it is for this project to have teamwork.

We are custodians of this planet for our children and, as parents, we want to pass it on, hopefully, in a better condition than when we received it. This is more than ever the main challenge for the future. I think that we, as architects, have the mission to create sustainable and long lasting designs, taking into consideration the equilibrium of the ecological systems. Therefore, the idea of an architectural style is now obsolete. There can be no standard stylistic solution for our projects. Every project has its own distinctive and specific character. Architecture should no longer be a question of style but of attitude.