Three aesthetics with an innovative impact on the structural applications of glass
Large-scale architecture and strength / SONY-Center

Large-scale architecture and strength
In order to create beautiful large spaces, one must have a clear view of the flow of power and design the most suitable structural body. As a result of this, the structural body itself will take shape to express the flow of power. Following is an introduction to WSI's approach to this type of structural aesthetic.
SONY-Center, winter gardens
Photo by H.G.Esch, Hennef
SONY - Center
at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin
The SONY Center on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, which opened in June 2000, was designed by Helmut Jahn. It consists of a complex of buildings grouped around a central atrium, comprising eight individual buildings for various uses such as office space, apartments, large cinemas, a museum of film art, and so on.

All buildings of the SONY Center feature a large number of special components which are not part of the structural design of the primary load-bearing structure of the buildings, but which as "special structures" are essential to realizing the architectural ideas for the building shells.
Among the special structures are the façades of the building, a number of large façades consisting only of glass, vertical glazed cable structures and cable nets up to 20m high, large winter gardens or protected historic building fragments enveloped by glass cubes. All these structures designed by Werner Sobek Ingenieure share the extreme lightness and transparency of the building envelopes.

SONY-Center, Tower
Photo by Cristian GAHL, Berlin

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