Projects underway and a vision for the future
text by : Frank Heinlein, Werner Sobek

With a view toward creating structural expression that surpasses that of the materials themselves, we pride ourselves on being a cutting-edge engineering consultant firm that maximizes the use of all materials, to include steel, glass, titanium and fabrics. Let us introduce some of our current projects and ongoing cutting-edge technology research.
Hochhausensemble am Münchner Tor
This project consists of two flat surface diamond-shaped high-rise towers that are being constructed in Munich. It entails two extremely slender towers with independent structures that are connected. It can be said that this architecture is modeled on a further development of the Post Tower's structure in Bonn.
Münchner Tor
Photo by Murfphy/Jahn, Chicago
Lufthansa AG Headquarters
Photo by Holger Knauf, Duesseldorf
Lufthansa AG Headquarters
Of the projects that are yet to be completed, architect Christoph Ingenhoven's Lufthansa Headquarters building under construction at Frankfurt International Airport is particularly architecturally challenging. The pair glass panels of the façade supported only by vertically laid out cables, is an unprecedented endeavor.
On the atrium façade, vertically laid out cables are placed roughly 1.45-meters apart. The pair glass panels on the façade measure 1.45-meters by 3.45-meters and are extremely heavy. Therefore, the steel cables that support the dead weight of the glass panels are paired up and are connected to the arch-shaped beam at the top of the gable surface. Here long-span was achieved through the lower chords. Because the beam itself is structurally soft, it was not possible to apply strong tension with the use of large springs as in Bremen University and the Bayer Headquarters building. Considering limitations such as these, the pre-tension level was set so that the façade was designed to allow up to 40cm of outer surface movement.

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