"WERNER SOBEK INGENIEURE" is an engineering consultancy office operating on a worldwide scale. Key aspects of its activities are design and high-end engineering; notwithstanding its strong standing in these fields, the company is equally proficient and experienced in traditional structural engineering tasks.

Among the most important projects accomplished by WERNER SOBEK INGENIEURE are the following : Sony-Center Berlin, central foyer of Bremen University, Deutsche Post Bonn Headquarters, Cologne-Bonn Airport (terminal 2), R128, Aairport chair Wilkhahn, Rhön Clinic.

Projects in various stages of planning and development include : Lufthansa Headquarter, Bangkok new International Airport, Tokyo Station Project, among others.
The separation of design and engineering is the latest topic of concern in the world of architecture. As both Engineer and Architect, WERNER SOBEK INGENIEURE is anticipated to be widely influential in Japané’s architectural world as well in the coming years.

WSI- Stuttgart, Photo by J. Carp.

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