Post Tower ------ Its Beauty and Structure
A glass tower soaring above a lush green city

Photo by Zooey Brawn, Stuttgart.

Bonn was once the capital city of Federal Republic of Germany where the German Bundestag (National Parliament) was settled until it moved to Berlin, and the new headquarters of the Deutsche Post AG is now the symbol of revitalization of this rural "ex-capital village". In 1998, 387 design proposals from both domestic and international firms competed in the international design competition. Murphy/Jahn won the prize and together with Werner Sobek Ingenieure (herein referred to as WSI) completed construction of the tower in late 2002.

Deutsche Post states that taking all factors into consideration, it decided to set up its new headquarters at this particular location because of its historical, cultural and scenic value, as well as the geographical advantage of its close proximity to the Koeln-Bonn Airport, which is located practically in the center of Europe. The Post Tower resides in a tranquil green belt along the Rhein River that is also home to the German Bundestag and other governmental agencies as well as numerous museums of history and art.

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