Three aesthetics with an innovative impact on the structural applications of glass
"Minimal" aesthetics / R128

Photo by Roland Halbe, Stuttgart
The pursuit of minimum
One of the trends of contemporary architecture is extreme simplicity in other words, minimal beautification. It goes without saying that a structural specialist must be highly proficient in order to achieve this. Moreover, there exists today the demand for this specialist to be additionally proficient as a designer, environmental designer, and ecological philosopher. Following are examples of projects in which such challenges were undertaken.
House R128, Stuttgart
This four-storied building which was erected during 1999-2000, occupies a steep parcel of land on the edge of the bowl-shaped vale of Stuttgart. It was designed as a completely recyclable building which produces no emissions and is self-sufficient in terms of its heating energy requirements. This building with four fully-glazed walls has high quality triple-layered panels of pair glass featuring a U-value of 0.4. Its design is modular. Because of its assembly by means of mortice-and-tenon joints and bolted joints, not only can it be dismantled and reassembled easily, but it is also completely recyclable. The electrical energy required for the energy concept and control engineering is produced by solar cells.

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